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Our number one priority at Key 2 is supplying our current customers with the highest level of technical support and customer service possible in the telecom industry. We consistently provide much faster response times and better support results than all of our larger competitors to get your services operating and your questions answered. Additionally, our customer service team works hand in hand with the client’s dedicated sales representative to ensure prompt resolution to all customer requests.

In the event that a client requires technical support related to our services, a member of our customer support team will be readily available to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Highly Trained Support Representatives

At Key 2, our front level Support Representatives are trained to a much higher technical level than our competition. Dealing with our rep’s, will reduce having to battle through call centers before finally getting to a rep that truly understands how your services technically operate. Our Support Rep’s are trained to a level of provisioning status, which means you have direct access to support that will be able to resolve your issues much faster.


Our entire backbone has been developed on the premise of Accountability. Our ticket process has been designed to provide every customer with a dedicated Support Rep. What this means to you is the support rep that you open a ticket with, will own that ticket from the moment it’s opened through to full completion. There’s no passing the buck here at Key 2!

Account History Knowledge

Our support systems have been designed to provide our front level support reps with every piece of information available on our entire customer base. With these tools our Support Rep’s have the ability to view full product configuration, pricing and contact details. Combining the increased training our support reps receive with the right tools, and account knowledge, provides you with the type of support you deserve.

Problem Solvers

Our support reps have a large network of highly skilled technicians at their disposal. When dealing with large carriers to resolve technical issues or push your order along, our support reps have the ability to bypass standard support teams and contact dedicated teams within the carrier groups. Having this ability allows our support reps to resolve issues faster and come up with outside of the box solutions that would not be presented through the standard support channels.

Follow Up & Updates

Imagine a world where you could open a ticket to change or repair your telecom services and your provider calls you back when the job has been completed. Well, at Key 2 that world exists! Our support reps keep in constant contact with our customers providing updates on all tickets that are opened. This allows you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your services.

How to resolve a concern

At Key 2, we strive to provide outstanding customer service each and every day but we realize there’s always room for improvement.

That’s why we are making it easy for your to resolve your complaint.

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Look what Key 2’s customers’ are saying...

"The Key 2 Group was a vital supplier for our latest retirement home in Beamsville – The Jacob. The team from Key2 was there at the beginning stages of the build, from the initial design/cabling of the property, right through to the provisioning of the telco services, access control, and nurse call integrations. Key 2 helped us with any modifications before the opening of the community and has been a key supplier as we now welcome our residents to their new home. Thank you Key 2 for the support, keep up the good work !"

Executive Director

The Jacob, Beamsville, Ontario

"“ …the Key 2 team is a trusted supplier for the Responsive Group. They are responsive to our requests for our multiple homes in Ontario. We are hoping to grow our relationship with the Key 2 Team, and look forward to some of the other products and services they offer in the Senior Care market.”"

Dir. of Technology and Innovation

Responsive Group Inc.

"Key 2 has helped us reduce our telecom costs substantially over the past 2 years, as well as supporting us with the highest level of customer service… It is very evident that Key 2 Communications cares about its customers."

IT Director

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

"The Customer Support Team over at Key 2 is very responsive to all our needs, both billing related, and to any MAC’s that we have needed… In addition, the sales teams were able to decrease our hard telecom costs by over 22%."

Director, Vendor Management Co.