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Reduce Pain & Maximize Productivity with our Managed IT Services

Key 2 IT solutions are designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate IT related issues within your business. We deliver increased network speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of full-time IT personnel on staff.

The KEY 2 IT Difference

Unlike many IT companies who prey on and profit from failures in your IT environment, our goal is to PREVENT computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime,data loss and financial losses.

Smart Proactive IT

We act as your personal IT department, including preventative maintenance and general guidance on your ongoing IT strategies all while keeping costs predictable with an all-inclusive fixed monthly rate.

Some of the benefits:

  • Your computer network, e-mail, databases, and Internet access up and running 24/7/365 without problems.
  • We protect your data from loss, corruption, or theft
  • We maximize the speed, availability, and performance of your network
  • We take the headache away from you by dealing with all your computer problems and other complexities of operating a computer network

Desktop and Server Monitoring

System health monitoring with alerting. This tool reports back to us both the physical and logical health of the system. This allows us to be much more proactive in our service to you and your companies. In this plan, all time spent to resolve these alerts is billable. We can then work to resolve those alerts quickly before issues reach a critical point.

  • Cloud-based anti-spam ties into the health monitoring system for better reporting and alerting so that we can act quickly if a threat is detected
  • System includes email archiving
  • Quick remote access to the machine without the need for a user to run a program to let us in for service which will ultimately save you both time and money
  • Automatic patching of applications that constantly pop-up and ask for updates like Adobe and Java, etc.
  • Managed Antivirus/Antimalware. This includes a powerful and lightweight antivirus system to roll out as a standard for every system

Business Continuity Planning

Protect your most critical business data and get back to business fast in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services from Key 2 IT let you harness the power of your office intranet and Internet to increase efficiency, enhance communication, inspire collaboration and simplify teamwork.

Hardware and Software

By outsourcing your Hardware and Software needs to Key 2 IT, you’ll get a partner in helping you choose the appropriate solutions for your unique business – along with all the setup, service and support you need to keep it all running smoothly

100% Canadian

Your data will never leave Canadian soil as all data centers and management are 100% Canadian

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Look what Key 2’s customers’ are saying...

"The Key 2 Group was a vital supplier for our latest retirement home in Beamsville – The Jacob. The team from Key2 was there at the beginning stages of the build, from the initial design/cabling of the property, right through to the provisioning of the telco services, access control, and nurse call integrations. Key 2 helped us with any modifications before the opening of the community and has been a key supplier as we now welcome our residents to their new home. Thank you Key 2 for the support, keep up the good work !"

Executive Director

The Jacob, Beamsville, Ontario

"“ …the Key 2 team is a trusted supplier for the Responsive Group. They are responsive to our requests for our multiple homes in Ontario. We are hoping to grow our relationship with the Key 2 Team, and look forward to some of the other products and services they offer in the Senior Care market.”"

Dir. of Technology and Innovation

Responsive Group Inc.

"Key 2 has helped us reduce our telecom costs substantially over the past 2 years, as well as supporting us with the highest level of customer service… It is very evident that Key 2 Communications cares about its customers."

IT Director

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

"The Customer Support Team over at Key 2 is very responsive to all our needs, both billing related, and to any MAC’s that we have needed… In addition, the sales teams were able to decrease our hard telecom costs by over 22%."

Director, Vendor Management Co.