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It's hard to imagine anything more important to daily business operations than dependable communications. Through our lengthy experience in telecommunications, we’ve seen the problems that can arise when PBX systems go down for even brief periods of time. While large corporations can command rapid responses to technical problems, small to mid-sized business are frequently at a disadvantage when trying to secure the attention they need from busy service departments. These delays cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenues and hours, even days of lost productivity.

In response to this inequity, Key 2 Communications was established to provide average-sized businesses the same level of technical support that larger companies enjoy. As an established authorized dealer of major PBX products, we have access to deep service channels that enable us to fast-track technical problems. This means that no time is wasted while dealing with rudimentary levels of customer service.

Recognizing that every business has different needs, Key 2 offers a variety of maintenance plans and extended warranties. All maintenance plans are implemented with the highest degree of commitment to customer service. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Each account is assigned a dedicated account representative.
  • We always maintain an in-depth knowledge of your account. We know what products you have and why you need them.
  • All job tickets are owned by a dedicated service technician. All tickets are worked front to back by a dedicated service technician.
  • As a authorized dealer of multiple brands, we have the flexibility to recommend the equipment that is the best possible fit for your needs.
  • Our supplier relationships give us leverage that works to your advantage, both in terms of pricing and service.
  • Financing Options – Cash flow is King

    We offer financing plans that give you the flexibility to acquire the infrastructure you need while minimizing upfront capital costs. Give us a call at 1-877-539-2266 to find out how we can help.

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Look what Key 2’s customers’ are saying...

"The Key 2 Group was a vital supplier for our latest retirement home in Beamsville – The Jacob. The team from Key2 was there at the beginning stages of the build, from the initial design/cabling of the property, right through to the provisioning of the telco services, access control, and nurse call integrations. Key 2 helped us with any modifications before the opening of the community and has been a key supplier as we now welcome our residents to their new home. Thank you Key 2 for the support, keep up the good work !"

Executive Director

The Jacob, Beamsville, Ontario

"“ …the Key 2 team is a trusted supplier for the Responsive Group. They are responsive to our requests for our multiple homes in Ontario. We are hoping to grow our relationship with the Key 2 Team, and look forward to some of the other products and services they offer in the Senior Care market.”"

Dir. of Technology and Innovation

Responsive Group Inc.

"Key 2 has helped us reduce our telecom costs substantially over the past 2 years, as well as supporting us with the highest level of customer service… It is very evident that Key 2 Communications cares about its customers."

IT Director

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

"The Customer Support Team over at Key 2 is very responsive to all our needs, both billing related, and to any MAC’s that we have needed… In addition, the sales teams were able to decrease our hard telecom costs by over 22%."

Director, Vendor Management Co.